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The Paulus Bolten story so far


Ambiance and harmony:

The balance between ambiance and harmony became the main leading idea of Paulus Bolten. You will find a representation back here on the website. My ideology started with the beginning of patina created on shoes and many other leather products. 


The following:

The creation of his own brand Paulus Bolten®. Exclusive shoes that weren't seen in fashion before; shape (last) as well as design. All shoes were designed in that mood: colorful, non-conformist and artistic, The high care of extreme conform ability is an important part of the artistic creation. This aim filled up a more or less  gap within the traditional menswear. 


Evolution time:

An evidence to create a harmony in both shoe-wear and dressing that finally  lead to a total look were exclusivity became Paulus Bolten principal occupation. Suits, coats, shirts, pants, sweaters vests and more where designed with the same creative approach. All these fashion items are produced in extremely small quantities that  preserve the  same rarity in style. The Paulus Bolten exclusive and highly fashionable items are for the average and modern (dandy) styled men, without being that "avantgardistic".

Paulus Bolten

Paulus Bolten logo

Paulus Bolten in front of his Paris store.


Tartar92 Zitzit92 
Good evening, I discovered the shop and its warm owner today .. in order to leave for repair a beautiful Hermes bag in crocodile and calf. I was notified by SMS once the work was done, but I was already seduced by the qualities and the devotion of this man, after giving me some of his precious time, while the store was normally closed, and what pleasure for the eyes to see the soul of simple things become an object of art after having been carefully refined. See you soon my dear. 

Immanuel C 
Lovely dutch/french artist who speaks english. Passionate shoe patina artist who dabbles in fashion design. Shoes are of his own vision and with a patina you .ca. find no place else. It was a true pleasure and honor to have the great Paulus Bolten make a pair of patina shoes for me. 

Raphaël Granger 
Paulus is an artist! He gets to do incredible things on Stan Smith as well as conventional brogues! 

Laurent NEGREL 
A rare Master-patina artist and one of a kind. 

Maxence L. 
Beautiful shoes. 

Rose Callahan 
One of a kind!

Kirby Allison 
Mr. Bolten is one of the master patina artists in Paris. People send him work from all over the world. A true artist!