We take shoe repair more than seriously because a job well done extends the life of your shoe. Very often we advise to put a rubber pad directly on the new shoes, if the sole is not as stiff. Then know that new shoes can be adjusted by our stretching machine (longer and wider are possible) to prevent you from suffering needlessly or from "doing" your shoes for a period like it was done before! The irons are there to protect the tips of the shoes since many men only use them there. But don't panic, they can even be restored by adding leather to the sole, but it is better to avoid this kind of operation. We also renew the interior and can fully restore a shoe if necessary and if the value of the shoe justifies it here some photos of a Weston lezard moccasin to illustrate it ...

patins gomme special adapte aux chaussures

addition of fitted, double-layered rubber pads

patin gomme et fers encastré sur semelle cuir

rubber pads and recessed irons mounted on a leather sole

semelle patins gomme sur weston

complete covered rubber pads over a leather sole

patin sur escarpins femme

special pads for all kind of woman shoes

patin de couleur sur botinne femme

resemellage entier caoutchouc cousue goodyear

goodyear stiched rubber sole and heal

weston lezard a restaurer n 1

weston lezard a restaurer n 2weston lezard a restaurer n 3weston lezard a restaurer n 4