A Hermes Kelly in crocodile, very vintage and well damaged ... we have changed the handle identically, the two side panels replaced, a 100taine of re-seams (the cotton thread has difficulty in withstanding time, they are replaced identically as at Hermès in synthetic) Then a good cleaning and color retouching, then creaming and polishing ...


Restauratio Hermes Kelly en crocodile image 1 (avant)


restauration termine sur hermes kelly en crocodile

Vintage Christian Dior pouch No need to tell you more because the "before and after" photos speak for themselves. However the specrtacular renovation can be realized on almost every item... Send us your enquiries and a photo for a quote, or just call

restauration et changement dee couleur sur une pochettes Christian Dior

Louis Vuitton backpack in vintage epi leather. Open heart operation because all the bottom of the bag was very very damaged. We shortened the bag by a few millimeters to be able to remove the worn parts and give a completely new appearance once repainted and pampered.

sac Noé Louis vuitton en cuir épi entierement restauré

Hermes Kelly how many times I am asked to restore corners damaged simply by use ... I have restored a number of them and I have become a specialist...  see for yourself:

Hermes Kelly restauration reparation coins cuir