Our multi-tasking workshop

After all, we not only offer our shoes, hats, jackets and belts in weathered leather, but we also offer the services that all of these leather goods may need. Indeed, you can find many of our illustrated achievements on Google or in our blogs all over the web.

Here is a little intro that gave you an illustrated overview of some photos of my favorite workspaces to make them. Just click on the link with the subject of your needs.

Patina service

-on the shoes and sneakers of your choice and on any brand

(you own and wish to apply a patina to them. For the shoes we need them in a light color (light brown or beige) so that we can contrast them more or less according to your desires. For sneakers all white will be much better)

-on handbags, office bags, phone or tablet sleeves

-on motorcycles, scooter bikes ... Very trendy in Paris where these alternatives are increasingly seen

-on leather furniture ranging from armchairs to the interior of the leather seats of your car

-on all other leather goods you can imagine it is applied a bit on everything with a leather base

Maintenance of shoes and sneakers as well as gloss shine on a weekly monthly basis or just sporadically for special events like a wedding, an exhibition or just to go out..

Luxury bag repair this have to be especially mentioned as we benefit an exemplary reputation in this area since it requires a valuable skill which you will discover in some photos and shows what we are talking about

Repair of shoes and sneakers. This applies to any shoemaking work you might need.